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Workshop: Performance and Query Tuning with SQL Server 2017 and 2019

PFTAs part of the SQL Saturday Linz conference, I will have a performance tuning workshop on 17th January in Tabakfabrik in Linz. The full workshop name is Performance and Query Tuning with SQL Server 2017 and 2019. As the name suggests, the workshop covers performance tuning techniques specific for two recent SQL Server versions. It is aimed at application and database developers who already work or plan to work with the latest versions of SQL Server – 2017 and 2019. The first part of the workshop is focused on execution plans, statistics and query optimizer. It covers common mistakes made by developers that lead to poor performing queries and brings tips how to avoid them.

The second part of the workshop includes a detailed view of Query Store, a new powerful troubleshooting tool introduced in SQL Server 2016 and improved in the later versions. You can see how you can use it not only to troubleshoot, but also to fix regressed queries, and it will be demonstrated its power by upgrade to new SQL Server version or changing compatibility level. At the end, you can learn about database engine improvements in the SQL Server 2019 CTP2 feature with the most promising name – Intelligent Query Processing.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • How SQL Server uses statistics and what are common issues with them
  • Quick overview of index usage; how to create a useful index
  • Typical mistakes made by developers that lead to poor performing queries
  • Troubleshooting parameter sniffing issues in different SQL Server versions
  • Cardinality estimation issues and tuning queries with large tables
  • Tips for writing well-performed queries
  • Query Store as game changer in SQL Server performance troubleshooting
  • Fixing execution plans for regressed queries by using Query Store
  • Improvements in SQL Server 2019 Intelligent Query Processing

Level: 300 – Advanced

Here is the link for registration:

Hope to see you in Linz!


Speaking at the BLBit user group and SQL Saturday conference in Banja Luka

sqlsat791_headerLast week, we had a great time in Banja Luka. On 1st November, together with my friend and fellow Data Platform MVP and book author Dejan Sarka I talked about common database design mistakes made by application and database developers. It was really pleasure to deliver the session in that audience – more than 70 people attended the session, we were very surprised and impressed!

Two days later, on 3rd November, at the SQL Saturday Banja Luka conference, I delivered two sessions:  Common Developer Mistakes with SQL Server and Transact-SQL Performance Tips. I was very happy to see so many people in the room for my sessions  and want to thank all the attendees. It was really pleasure to be part of this successfull conference.


The Schedule of SQL Saturday Vienna 2015 Is Live!

sqlsat374_webThe schedule of SQL Saturday #374 Vienna is live! It was a tough process to select from all these wonderful submissions! Unfortunatly we could not host all speakers, but we decided to limit number of selected sessions per speaker to one in order to get more speakers in Vienna.

Here you can see the complete line-up. The session timing is subject of change, but all sessions are confirmed.

I am proud and glad that I can announce two top pre-conference seminars at the PASS SQL Saturday #374 Vienna conference:

Both seminars will take place on Friday, 27th February 2015, the day before our event, at Microsoft Austria, Am Europlatz 3, A-1120 Vienna.

There is an early bird registration rate (109,oo €) available through the end of January and seating is limited, so sign up now and save!  The regular rate is 149,oo € will be charged in February.

SQL Saturday Vienna #374 Session Summary

The Call for Speakers for the PASS SQL Saturday #374 Vienna has been closed yesterday, 26.12. 2014. We are really proud to share with you that we have got 98 session abstracts for our event! They have been sent by 34 speakers from 19 countries! That’s really impressive number and we want to send a huge THANK YOU to all who submitted a proposal to speak at SQL Saturday Vienna 2015. In the figure below you can see “flag clouds” of potential conference speakers. The largest flags represent countries with most submitted sessions and speakers.


Four local speakers submitted 11 session proposals and 30 international speakers have sent 87 abstracts. The most sessions came from the United Kingdom (13), followed by Germany and Slovenia (11) and USA (10). The same countries + Bulgaria have 3 potential speakers. And we have two potential speakers from New Zealand! No, they did not mix-up Austria with Australia 🙂

Unfortunately, we cannot host all speakers; SQLSat Vienna will have 20 sessions. We will have a hard job to select optimal sessions for the conference. We’ll try to cover all SQL Server related areas and take care about well-balanced session levels. The selected speakers and sessions will be announced in first days of the new year.

SQL PASS Austria wishes you a very Happy New Year and great start to 2015!